Planet Dişliler

Gears always work in pairs or more to transfer drive to each other. The gear types we produce are as follows:

Spur gears, Helical gears, Herringbone gears, Adjacent herringbone gears, Spur bevel gears, Spiral bevel gears, Sprial zero bevel gears, Coniflex gears, Formate gears, Revacycle gears, Worm gears, Hypoid gears, Spiroid gears, Planetary gears


Rollers are generally used in printers and copiers to move the paper, transfer the toner onto the paper, heat it and fix the toner on the paper by printing.

Pickup Rollers

The pick up roller is made of special compound rubber, which has higher wear resistance with low degradation rate. These are high performance, pressed, heavy duty and built to fit most hubs with a choice of replaceable tires.


With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we offer our customers a range of high quality belts used on conveyors to transfer paper within copiers and printers. These belts are designed and manufactured under the careful observation of our experts, using extreme quality raw material. The offered belts can be manufactured in various sizes as per the requirements of our prestigious clients.

Rollers with Bearing

The main purpose of this system, which has many usage areas; It is necessary to provide the transmission of the movement with the least possible friction, that is, without sacrificing power.

Slewing Levers

They are generally used by attaching to the roller for dragging paper, but they are tools that enable the movement of objects in different environments or the opening and closing of certain areas.




Bushings or sleeve bearings are similar to tubes and can be made of bronze or polymers. Both types work to provide a reduction in power, noise and wear. Bronze bushings are sometimes impregnated with oil or require external lubrication for operation.







Silicone Oils

Silicone oils

General Parts

General parts which can be produced in different materials

Parts for Special Purposes

Parts designed for special purposes manufactured for various industries.